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From Homeless to Corporate executive

Beginning as a homeless dishwasher barely making minimum wage, John Moore, Ph.D. has journeyed to becoming one of the youngest and highest ranking African American in the Retail/Restaurant/Service industry as Sr. Vice-President and Head of Commercial Sales North American; and ranking as one of the top 5 C-Suite executives. John’s most recent leadership responsibility includes driving the sales plan for $19.5 billion dollars a year and leading over 38,000 associates in 41 different states.

Throughout his career, John has showcased remarkable achievements, leveraging uniquely learned lessons during his transformation from poverty to success. Some of his achievements include overseeing $19 billion in sales and leading a team of 103,000 associates as a President of Retail & Restaurants at Sears.. Notably, he increased profit growth of 128% within four years, achieved the highest franchise scores in the company, and significantly expanded compliance by 52% as Vice-President at Chili’s.

With strategic acumen, John has successfully implemented plans that reduced inventory waste, theft, and losses by $40 million, while also spearheading initiatives that decreased complaints by 64% and boosted client retention by an impressive 72%. His visionary leadership played a pivotal role in the $2.5 billion acquisition of Reebok and consistently surpassed financial targets, exceeding EBITDA goals by over $89.1 million. Additionally, John’s exceptional leadership skills led to a substantial decrease in Field Leadership turnover and the successful acquisition of 198 private clinics/retail stores, adding $394 million in revenue and $95 million in profit.

As a mentor to executive leaders, John Moore, Ph.D. is widely sought after by major corporations and organizations such as Harvard, Yale, Apple, Target, Walmart, and Dollar General for his signature keynotes and executive leadership intensives to assist in the expansion of multicultural teams of varying levels from the leadership spectrum.

Although John Moore, Ph.D. is renowned for his numerous professional achievements, he takes the greatest pride in his role as a devoted family man, cherishing the deep bond he shares with his beloved wife, Bonnie, as well as their three remarkable children: John, J.T., and Chris. Demonstrating a harmonious and comprehensive approach to life, he maintains a balanced and fulfilled existence both personally and professionally.

John Moore, Ph.D. is also the Founder and CEO of J. Moore Leadership Consulting (JMLC).  His mission is to mentor and empower others as their Leadership Catalyst in efforts to help them successfully merge their skills and talents in the marketplace while maintaining focus on self-development, family, and community impact. While others have studied the dynamics of rags to riches, John lived it. As a result, he shares key principles and processes through keynote addresses and signature intensives on ways to create the life most desire through the vehicle of leadership.

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