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John Moore, Ph.D

CEO & President

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John Moore is a family-oriented man with an impressive academic background in business, having earned a BS from JSU, an MBA from LSU, and a Ph.D. in Economics. Having gone from homelessness and earning minimum wage of $7-8/hr, he is now a seven-figure earner. He attributes his success to not just talking about career aspirations, but taking necessary actions to advance himself. He has held high-ranking positions in several Fortune 500 companies and is currently one of the youngest and highest-ranking African American executive, Sr. Vice-President & Head of U.S. Commercial Sales. He is also the Founder and CEO of J. Moore Leadership Consulting, where he aims to empower people from all backgrounds to merge their skills and talents with the marketplace while enhancing their personal lives and communities.


A great people person and a great leader. Loved working with John!
David Pastrana
CEO, Board Member Jenny Craig
John was a trusted executive leader for my leadership team. Under his leadership he helped us to grow and open over 700 locations in 5 years.
John Payne
Former President & CEO Banfield
Mr. John Moore is a man of impeccable character. He is a true leader who has servitude at heart and believes in making those better around him. I would recommend him as person and as a leader.
Brian Overbee
Executive Director (Hyden Site) & Family Nurse Practitioner at Grace Health (Formerly Grace Community Health Center)
John Moore is a force of nature! He is an incredible testament to grit, resilience and hard work and an inspiration to everyone he meets! John is a strategic thinker who focuses on actions that drive results while also challenging and empowering the people he leads.
Jasmine Bellamy
DesignerHead Merchant & Culture Transformer, Sports Illustrated 100 Influential Black Women in Sports
John has lectured at Harvard Business School multiple times since I've been Dean. John had a very practical yet approachable way to address corporate business solutions. Our MBA/Ph.D. students love to hear him speak. If you have not heard Dr. Moore lecture, you are missing out on a very practical and processed driven speaker who can touch your heart thru words. He will be back .
Dean Srikant Datar
Dean Harvard Business
John has impeccable interpersonal skills that foster strong relationships John is a collaborative colleague that balances accountability and encouragement Exhibits excellent understanding of the importance and value of people and building strong teams under his leadership.
Portia Blunt
VP of Apparel Reebok.
John Moore helped to guide Adidas/Reebok thru a very rough time as we were self-identifying internal issues. He was the leader that I called upon to help me to understand how we could grow and invest in our Black and Brown leadership team. John was instrumental in helping us to not only identify, but solved our opportunities. I would hire John Moore to serve on my executive leadership team without hesitation.
Kasper Rorsted
We are proud to say that Dr. John Moore is a proud alumni of LSU. Dr. Moore has lectured on our campus countless times and at multiple colleges. John had a way of connecting to our students thru his passionate stories of survival and grit. Dr. Moore can captivate an audience and leave you wanting more every time. No one exemplifies a more passionate and successful determination than he does. Geaux Tigers!
Dean Jared Llorens
Dean E.J Ourso College of Business LSU
John Moore's presentation was a memorable experience, captivating the audience from start to finish with his exceptional storytelling skills, engaging delivery, and palpable passion for the topic. His informative content, backed by research and real-world experiences, left attendees with actionable takeaways. Beyond the valuable information, John's presentation also inspired and motivated the audience to strive for excellence, embrace change, and take bold action. Highly recommended for any event seeking an engaging and motivational speaker.
Porcenel Joachim
CEO TurboFintech, board Member Greater Haitian American Chamber of COmmerce.

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